What Can PharmCo Do For You

Risk Management

Our Risk Management team will work with you to review the adherence and compliance of your patients with their prescribed medication regime, your prescribing methods and trends, and we will make recommendations based on best practices and current preferred formularies of insurance companies. Our on-going Adherence and Compliance Monitoring will work to ensure that your patients receive all of their prescriptions as recommended and adhere to this regime. This will ensure that costs are down, and the risk of an adverse health event remains low. Our program has a proven track record of improving provider performance scores and, allowing providers to take advantage of bonus structures within their risk contracts.

What you can expect from PharmCo

  • Minimized gaps in therapies
  • Generic medications dispensed instead of brand name
  • Elimination of duplicate therapies
  • Patient side-effect management
  • Diabetes management, supplies, support, and training
  • Unit Dose Packaging
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Synchronization of medication delivery
  • Same-day STAT medications
    • Drug Utilization
    • Daily New Prescriptions
    • Dispensed Brand Medications
    • Injectable Medication Utilization
    • High Priced Prescriptions
    • Refills Due

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Our team of pharmacists and support staff want to provide the best and most effective care to all of your patients. The Compliance Adherence team routinely assesses each individual patient medication therapy regime to ensure that the plan is being followed by the patient. We report back all of our findings to the physician, and will make frequent recommendations using our Medication Therapy Management guidelines.

Cost Containment

To contain costs, our team will identify trends and provide reports on medication utilization. These reports will identify areas in the formulary where the provider can take advantage of cost savings. By monitoring formulary compliance and adjusting based on changes from insurance carriers, PharmCo will make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

Regulatory Compliance

One of the most important functions we offer, is regulatory compliance assistance. We understand that providers are concerned with managing quality control, medication issues and trends, and continuing education and training. We will work with you to improve all areas of compliance.

Full Service Pharmacy

PharmCo knows how important it is that you receive your medication fast! As a full-service pharmacy, we take pride in keeping thousands of medications in our inventory, always ready to deliver to you when you need them. This inventory includes a wide variety of diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, pain management medications, and even premium, brand name pharmaceuticals for illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Cancer, etc. PharmCo offers free delivery to all of our patients and long term care facilities in the South Florida area!*

*All orders received before 12:00 PM M-F are eligible for FREE same day delivery to the South Florida area.

Custom Compounds

Because compound treatments are often used in conjunction with current therapies, or as an alternative to a more traditional approach, PharmCo specializes in creating compound treatments for many ailments, ranging from diabetic neuropathy to nutritional deficiencies. Our staff consists of extensively trained and highly qualified licensed compounding technicians and pharmacists to work with you and your patients directly to formulate the absolute best compound to meet their needs, and we can create these formulas in many different convenient ways to use them, including creams, sprays, capsules and many more.

PharmCo proudly uses ONLY FDA approved or registered ingredients, as well as suppliers who are based in the USA. All compounds are custom blended by our staff right here in our Miami, FL location.

For more information on compound medications, please contact us

Specialty Medications

We at PharmCo know that certain illnesses require specialized and individual care. We specialize in providing this level of care by dispensing specialty medications for cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and many other illnesses. Patients struggling with these and other sensitive conditions can count on PharmCo for its absolute discretion and professionalism, and our staff is expressly trained to meet the needs of patients who require special consideration and the utmost of accountable care.

Long-Term Care

Many of our patients reside in long-term care facilities, ranging from rehabilitation centers, to assisted living and skilled nursing care homes. We take great pride in ensuring that all medications are delivered to each facility in a timely manner, whether for routinely scheduled medications or emergency medication prescriptions and changes. PharmCo guarantees that all medications also arrive correctly labeled for each patient, and dispensed and packaged in the correct dosage, making it easier for you and your staff to administer these prescriptions to each and every resident. PharmCo always provides personal attention to every detail of these medications for every patient in every facility. For our long-term care clients, we offer specialized dose packaging for easy dispensing and use, medication carts for easy storage and transportation, and pharmacist consultant to guide the staff on best prescribing practices.


Our team at PharmCo wants to make sure our communities stay healthy and receive the best healthcare possible. We provide many organizations, such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other community medical clinics with low-cost access to life-saving medications to help treat illnesses within our neighborhoods. If you are a free or low-cost charitable provider of healthcare services to the community and are in need of medication support, please contact or PharmCo team and let us help you provide this much needed service.

Health Fair Sponsorship

In our ongoing effort to provide outstanding community resource support, PharmCo provides sponsorship and attendance for any and all Health and Wellness Fairs throughout the South Florida area. Whether your cause is Community Education, Neighborhood Wellness, or any religious or faith based mission, please contact PharmCo and allow us to provide information and support to your community awareness event.