What Can PharmCo Do For You

Risk Management

The team at PharmCo understands the importance of providing excellent, high quality medical care while minimizing excess use of health care dollars. Our Risk Management team will work with you and your health care providers to review the adherence and compliance of patients with their prescribed medication regime, the physicians´ prescribing methods and trends. We will make recommendations based on best practices and current preferred formularies of your company. Our on-going Adherence and Compliance Monitoring will work to ensure that patients receive all of their prescriptions as recommended, and adhere to this prescribed regime. PharmCo will provide the linkage between insurance providers, the physicians, and the patients to help alleviate the costs in managing these risk contracts. Our risk management program will help doctors and patients improve overall wellness and decrease need for expensive treatments and hospital admissions.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

PharmCo works steadily to ensure that all of our patients receive the best and most optimal health care possible. Our team will assess what medications are prescribed, and compare them to which medications are actually being taken in accordance with the prescription instructions. We will then report directly to the physician, to eliminate and reduce any obstacles creating non-compliance in the medication therapy, or to remove any challenges posed by conflicting medications in the patient´s individual medication plan. PharmCo will work closely with all of our health care providers to ensure that the best possible medication therapy is being prescribed to most effectively work within the patient´s compliance limitations, as well as minimizing excess costs for the insurance providers, and to the patients themselves.

Compliance/Adherence Monitoring

Our team of pharmacists and support staff want to provide the best and most effective care to all of our patients. The Compliance Adherence team routinely assesses each individual patient medication therapy regime to ensure that the plan is being followed by the patient. We report back all of our findings to the physician, and will make frequent recommendations using our Medication Therapy Management guidelines. This ongoing Compliance Adherence Monitoring will alleviate over spending and unnecessary treatments, ultimately saving valuable time and health care dollars for the insurance providers, the healthcare professionals, and our patients.