What Can PharmCo Do For You

Full Service Pharmacy

PharmCo knows how important it is that you receive your medication fast! As a full-service pharmacy, we take pride in keeping thousands of medications in our inventory, always ready to deliver to you when you need them. This inventory includes a wide variety of diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, pain management medications, and even premium, brand name pharmaceuticals for illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Cancer, etc. PharmCo offers free delivery to all of our patients and long term care facilities in the South Florida area!*

*All orders received before 12:00 PM M-F are eligible for FREE same day delivery to the South Florida area.

Specialty Medications

We at PharmCo know that certain illnesses require specialized and individual care. We specialize in providing this level of care by dispensing specialty medications for cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and many other illnesses. Patients struggling with these and other sensitive conditions can count on PharmCo for its absolute discretion and professionalism, and our staff is expressly trained to meet the needs of patients who require special consideration and the utmost of accountable care.

Custom Compounds

Because compound treatments are often used in conjunction with current therapies, or as an alternative to a more traditional approach, PharmCo specializes in creating compound treatments for many ailments, ranging from diabetic neuropathy to nutritional deficiencies. Our staff consists of extensively trained and highly qualified compounding technicians and pharmacists to work with you and your healthcare provider directly to formulate the absolute best compound to meet your needs. We create these formulas in many different convenient ways to use them, including creams, sprays, capsules and many more.

PharmCo proudly uses ONLY FDA approved or registered ingredients, as well as suppliers who are based in the USA. All compounds are custom blended by our staff right here in our Miami, FL, location.

For more information on compound medications, please contact us

Home Health Risk Management

The PharmCo team understands that for some of our patients, taking medications as prescribed can be a difficult task. We want to help ensure that all of our patients get the most out of their health care to receive the maximum benefit from their specific therapies. If you or your loved one is struggling to comply with your specific medication routine, ask the following questions:

  • Are you or your loved one confused about which medications to take, when to take them, and/or how much of each one to take?
  • Do you have many different prescription bottles, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins and supplements all being stored and mixed together in one place?
  • Are some of your medications expired, unnecessary, or perhaps no longer needed or recommended for you or your loved one?
  • Are you or your loved one having difficulty taking your prescribed medications due to physical obstacles within your home, or because you or your loved one suffer from mobility challenges?
  • Do you or your loved one simply no longer wish to take the medication prescribed to you?
  • Is your loved one struggling with medication side effects?

If you answered ¨yes¨ to any of these questions, please contact us

PharmCo will send a qualified, trained pharmacy professional to you or your loved one´s home to assess any risks or challenges for the patient and family. Our team will then make recommendations on how to address these risks, assist with comprehension of the personal care plan, reduce obstacles to medication access, and offer help with the removal of all non-beneficial medications from the home. We will also communicate our discoveries from our review, as well as any needs or concerns of the patient, directly to your physician so that the doctor can make any necessary adjustments.

Case Management linkage

We are a proud supporter of our community and we understand that there are those who are in need of additional resources to increase the quality of their overall health and wellness. PharmCo provides a specialist who can link patients directly to case managers, social workers, and government and charitable programs that can be assistance during difficult times.


With Tele-Pharmco, we bring our pharmacy to you. Using the latest technology, we get you speaking with our staff and managing all your pharmacy needs quickly and conveniently! Everything you would expect from our local pharmacy without having to go there - with the personal touch you have grown accustomed to receiving from us.